Water[shed]: 50 Artists. 50 Years.

6 - 27 August 2022

50 Artists. 50 Years.

water[shed] is an exhibition conceived by OUTSIDE THE BOX / Earth Arts Rights and presented in collaboration with Bett Gallery to support the Restore Pedder campaign.

The staging of the water[shed] from 5 August - 27 August 2022 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the last heart-breaking summer in 1972 when dams on the Huon and Serpentine Rivers were closed and the impounded waters began to rise. Lake Pedder along with over 242 square kilometres of wild landscape in the heart of lutruwita (Tasmania) was swallowed up. The original lake is not forgotten.

This 50-year anniversary of loss also coincides with the first year of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030.

water[shed] brings together 50 Australian and international artists exploring the ideas of ecosystem restoration, re-wilding grief, loss and celebration of the original Lake Pedder.

30% of the generated revenue from sales of works will be donated to the Restore Pedder campaign.





Helen Wright

Philip Wolfhagen

Belinda Winkler

Ian Westacott

Vicki West

Megan Walch

Imants Tillers

Claudia Terstappen

Sue Jane Taylor

Stephanie Tabram

Wilma Tabacco

Heather B Swann

David Stephenson

Valerie Sparks

Mike Singe

Michael Schlitz

Troy Ruffles

Joan Ross

Geoff Parr

Brigita Ozolins

Ashlee Murray

Mish Meijers

Noel McKenna

Sara Maher

Euan Macleod

Sue Lovegrove

Sam Leach

Janet Laurence

David Keeling

Locust Jones

Marian Hosking

Patrick Hall

Fiona Hall

Neil Haddon

Guerrilla Girls

Piers Greville

Julie Gough

Helena Demczuk

Amanda Davies

Lou Conboy & Tom O'Hern

Tim Burns

Pat Brassington

Michaye Boulter & Linda Fredheim

Joan Baez

Rick Amor

Peter Adams

A Published Event (Justy Phillips & Margaret Woodward)