Michael Schlitz’s large format, relief woodblock prints not only require physical strength, manual dexterity and mental determination but relic traits such as artistic skill, knowledge, patience and time. These traits will never lose their value especially when the work is sympathetic and evocative with regard to the human condition and the condition of nature.


Michael Schlitz has returned us to the ancient craft of the relief woodcut which was used in Egypt, Europe and Asia for mass production of textile printing, spreading the word of God and making of pictures, respectively. At once we see imagery that is real and imagined. Call it what you like; Surrealism, Dream Imagery even Magic Realism are all terms that could be applied to Schlitz’s pictorial imagery. As there is no accompanying text or artist’s statement, intentional or not, I certainly do not wish to insult the artist by my commentary. That the work speaks out ‘loud and clear’ is refreshing and fill me with wonder.


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