Sue Lovegrove’s works reflect her close relationship to the natural environment. Her paintings explore the interplay between surface and depth, layers building opacity in rich blue and deep ochre plunge the eye downwards before it is caught in an instant and returned to the rippling surface by fine slivers of sunlight. Fleeting renderings dance across the ageless deep of oceans and lakes. Through diving and rising again and again comes the realisation that these landscapes are as physical as psychological, as real as invoked.


Lovegrove’s highly detailed and exquisitely fine brushwork captures the shifting of the wind as it weaves patterns across the surfaces of wetlands, rivers and oceans. The works map the world’s most fragile wilderness, beginning in Tasmania and travelling southward. The journey into the unknown is palpable as if the weather itself travels through the artist’s hand; a solitary calm cast over by the temporary turbulence of interacting forces.


Born in Adelaide in 1962, Lovegrove completed a Bachelor and PhD at the ANU in Canberra.  In 2020, Sue was the winner of the the 2020 Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting with her work ‘The Voice of Water, (No 9.24).  She lives and works in Tasmania.


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