Sara Maher is a mid-career nipaluna/Hobart based artist working within and across the disciplines of painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture. She creates large immersive organic abstractions on paper and tenuous, storied art-forms in miniature.

Her work comes through a thoughtfully researched and embodied encounter with place, a growing yet fragile connection to lutruwita Country. It is a catalyst to a process of reaching inside her Irish/European colonial descendent self. Through this an experiential dimension takes form, where multi-layered time-space and the rupture of our colonial past-present are concurrent.

Sara is drawn to arts residencies through the opening they provide for immersive engagement with place and the benefits of solitude they offer. Residencies are for Sara a rare opportunity to become absorbed in creative process through an unbroken reflective interaction that engenders responsibility.

Her work is a deep response to intangible energies and the ephemeral life of matter: The way liquid media moves across paper, coalescing to mirror ripples in sand and water; the way light and shadow shifts through trees, stirring movement across the page as she draws; the way sediments from the shoreline evoke multitudinous impressions that rouse (and haunt) consciousness...The experience of matter, thought and feeling become inseparable.

Sara grew up on Guringai land in Sydney. After studying Fine Art at the National Art School, she moved to nipaluna/Hobart in her early twenties to study Fine Art at the University of Tasmania. Since completing a Master of Fine Art and Design in 2005 she has maintained a professional arts practice.



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