Chayni Henry is a largely self-taught Artist, residing in Darwin, Australia. Her work very literally follows a narrative form; depicting life events, historical anecdotes and occurrences, largely within the setting of her remote home town. Her style of large blocks of text accompanying a painting is reminiscent of the South American devotional paintings “Retablos” from which she drew her original inspiration. She has since also branched out into exploring architectural forms through cut-out designs, whilst still retaining the original narrative component of earlier work.


She has exhibited widely across Australia, in 2006 she was selected for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney’s prestigious “Primavera” exhibition.  She was the inaugural winner of the “Togart” Art Prize and has shown in venues such as Sherman Galleries, Fremantle Art Centre, Australian Gallery of Art and Design, Parliament House NT and many private Galleries and ARI’s, both in Australia, and overseas.


She has works in the collections of National Gallery of Australia, Northern Territory Government Collection, Artbank, Charles Darwin University Collection, Wollongong University Collection, Charles Sturt University Collection, Print Council of Australia Collection, Laverty Collection and many more public and private collections.