My mind is always in desire of purity and absoluteness, something that cannot and does not exist. Truth and deception lies at the heart of my work. The Elsewhere Untitled is another chapter of constructed spaces only inhabited by the imagination, and never exist in reality. The works explore photography’s ability to transport the viewer to new places through the experience of colour, light, texture and space with the use of merely paper and the backyard science of bicarbonate soda and dry ice. The ‘paperscapes’ conjure feelings of wonder upon closer inspection but reveal oddities in their detail. Similar to being awoken from a dream, the mind inhabits a place that can only exist in your mind, only to then be taken out and thrown back into reality.


Rosie Hastie completed her Masters in Photography at the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania in 2011, where she developed her arts practice using analogue camera and countless hours in the dark room. These technical skills, coupled with her distinctive style, have provided Rosie opportunities to exhibit at the Long Gallery, Henry Jones Art Hotel, and Plimsol Gallery.


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