Author, 2019

Publisher: Artlogic

Pages: 25


ART + CABINET: INGO KLEINERT is a major publication that provides a timely and significant overview of the artist Ingo Kleinert. The publication includes a Foreword by art historian Dr Jennifer McFarlane and an extended essay by art and design consultant Pamille Berg. They reflect upon the complex and multi-faceted nature of Ingo Kleinert’s artistic career over many years. The particular focus of ART + CABINET is the series of finely crafted wooden cabinets produced by the artist since his relocation to Hobart in 2013. The History Cabinets (2014-2017) and The Memory Arbor Cabinets (2018-2020) exhibited at Bett Gallery Hobart in 2017 and 2020, are based on the 19th century collectors’ chests and secretaires. Pamille Berg’s essay highlights the continuum of ideas and practice that underpin Ingo Kleinert’s artistic career and the importance of these cabinets and their engraved and painted texts as part of a continuing reflection on history and memory and our future role in the world. ART + CABINET is richly illustrated and includes a biography and a list of selected exhibitions and publications.