Everyday Topologies

19 May - 5 June 2017

Annika Koops’ new show ‘Everyday Topologies’ evokes worlds still in the process of becoming.  Remnants from Art History, geometric forms and allusions to various image making technologies coalesce to suggest the slippery nature of appearances. The title of the show suggests a questioning of the technological apparatus and informational structures that underpin the production and perception of the visual world.


The works make use of computer generated imagery and painting to chart the interstices between virtual and embodied experience. Works produced for ‘Everyday Topologies’ play with the tropes of still life painting and trompe l'oeil whilst reflecting the spatial anomalies of CGI.  3D computer models that signify traces of human presence are employed within paintings and digital prints to comment upon the aesthetic and economic associations between virtual and material life. A scan of an actors face, home décor items and painterly gestures hover within worlds unsure of their status as subject or object.