Gathering Light

22 September - 9 October 2017

Beginning in late 2014, a series of adverse health events kept me away from my studio. It was February this year by the time I could get back to serious work. With the first kiln packed and ready to go, I was surprised to see in the Kiln Log Book (where I record each stage of the high temperature firing) that a full two years had passed, almost to the day, since the last firing. During that time of inactivity, new ideas had been growing, and it was a huge relief to finally be able to execute them.


My local environment in Coledale NSW continues to inform what I do: the brooding presence of the sandstone escarpment; the energetic forces of the ocean and the beautiful lines of the waves rising and falling; the dune grasses that move against the vividness of sky. All these influential images could just as easily be painted, but I continue to pursue them in my three dimensional vision.


Les Blakebrough