'Lurpra' Seasons

2 - 25 May 2018

Bett Gallery is thrilled to present the exhibition, ‘Lurpa’ Seasons showcasingnew works from five artists; Rahel Ungwanaka Kngwarria, Beth Inkamala Mbitjana, Dawn Wheeler Ngala, Rona Rubuntja Panangka and Anita Ratara of the Hermannsburg Potters Aboriginal Corporation.


The artists live and work in the small town of Hermannsburg; a 130km drive West of Alice Springs. Their ceramics are made by a traditional hand coil technique with intricately hand molded figures and painted images that depict native animals, bush tucker and people, in a distinctly unique style that has and continues to develop through their long-standing practice.


Of the exhibition the artists say:

“There are two main seasons in Ntaria, Karnta time and Wumpia time.

Karnta time (winter time), is the time we go looking for Yalka (bush Onions) that’s a good time for it. September is Spring time, Kwatja Pitjima (rain is coming), Nhanha Pluma, Turka Turka, thepa ntjaarra. It is green, Flowers bloom everywhere and there are many birds. Kwatja kngarranga ingkarna urlpaiya nhanha eterala marna kngarra mangkama: marna yalka mangkama, marna rraatninga, marna arrpunha turta. (After rain, near the river, various bush tucker grows, wild onion and wild passionfruit, to name a few).


You will see many more animals at Wumpia time. Arra (Kangaroo), Thepa ntjaarra (birds),  tjurnpa (perentie), Ramia (goanna), lhungurlpara (fish), are coming too when it rains, crabs and all!


Urlpaiya nhanha intanhama, rretnya kwatja kngarrala nhamanga, rua knggarra urlpaiyala lhama. (The River is ‘Lhara Pinta’, also known as the Finke River. It is a big river).


Tjaapa (witchetty grub) can be found anytime, all year round. Kwatja time means a lot of honey ants are coming out of the ground. Bush medicines and bush tucker are very important to us and can be found everywhere in this country!”