Pmara nurnaka. Urrknga nurnka. Nurna lhama pmara marra inthurra nurnakanha artitjika. Our country. Our clay. We go out

1 - 25 May 2019

To coincide with the 2019 Ceramics Triennale Bett Gallery presents new works by the internationally renowned Hermannsburg Potters.


For the second time, the iconic ceramic works of the group of Aranda artists brings the brilliant desert sky, the soil, the sun, the birds, and the plants of Central Australia to Tasmania. The gallery comes alive with the vivid warmth, the exquisite detail, the richness of knowledge and the joys of storytelling that these beautiful works embody.


Featuring artists, Beth Mbitjana Inkamala, Hayley Panangka Coulthard, Rona Panangka Rubuntja, Judith Pungkarta Inkamala, Rahel Kngwarria, June Campbell, Dawn Ngala Wheeler & Anita Mbitjana, Pmara nurnaka. Urrknga nurnaka. Nurna lhama pmara marra inthurra nurnakanha artitjika. (Our country. Our clay. We go out on our beautiful country) showcases more than twelve new works. Each skillfully sculpted and painted coil pot is resplendent with the landscape. “ We have been creating these pots thinking about our country. We want to share with you our country and the stories that live in these special places”. The distinctive works are made following “...a timeless and methodical pottery technique [that] speaks to the tactile manipulation of earth and clay within Arrernte custom and tradition.”1 Technique and tradition is passed from senior artists to emerging artists across generations. Each artist brings new skills and new stories to the growing oeuvre of the renowned group.


As part of the Australian Ceramics Triennale, being held in Tasmania from May 1 - 4, Hayley Panangka Coulthard and Judith Pungkarta Inkamala will be in Hobart presenting demonstrations showcasing their methodologies and techniques. Both these artists as well as the gallery director will be available for interviews. Please contact Bett Gallery for details.


Works by the Hermannsburg Potters are held in private collections around the world, state and regional galleries in Australia, numerous university galleries, as well as by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the National Museum of Australia, Parliament House of Australia, Alice Springs Desert Park, the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and the Beverly Hills Library of California, Beverly Hills.