Patrick Grieve: Transit

13 May - 4 June 2022

My work is artificial window onto the landscape that has surrounded me for nearly 53 years. It is viewed through a lens which attempts to understand the passage of time and my place within this journey . The passing of time is marked by transitory colours, patterns, crops and textures of the changing seasons. As the months move and the seasons slip into the next, the reference points for the work move also. What I see around me is taken back to the studio and placed within my paintings. Within this space the works evolve at their own pace. It is a process as deeply ingrained in me as the rhythm of my own breathing.

Everything is silently moving and moving on. Places, people, events both joyous and sad visit us as the seasons slip again. We move, our home spins rhythmically and the passage of time washes over us as the light slowly fades from view.


- Patrick Grieve, 2022


Patrick Grieve, one of Tasmania’s most notable landscape painters is renowned for richly coloured renditions of his home on the North-West Coast. His textured and gestural works suggest his methodological toil—a ploughing, a planting, a flooding of seasonal change—a performative replication of the agricultural work that shapes and changes the earth that surrounds him. Fields of green rest over fields of ochre, scratched back or spread over and then cut across by the horizon, pressed down on by the brilliant blue sky.


Grieve’s works have an illusory abstract, perhaps even minimalist quality, but only to those who have not seen the Tasmanian wilderness open out on to the sprawling plains of its unique North-West region. Acutely aware of the fragility of the fertile and productive fields that dominate his visionary works, the artist addresses a fine balance that is both ecological and painterly through the severing horizons that dominate the picture plane. There is an undeniable tension in these works, as Grieve captures these not-so natural wonders vividly and with intuitive precision.


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