Immeasurably Distant

6 - 24 December 2013

“The main subject

is the surface,

which has its colour

its laws, over and

above those of

the objects.”


Pierre Bonnard

Within a short distance from where I live there are many plotted and worked pieces of farmland. Each has its own almost individual personality that reflects the type of crop that is grown there and the people that work it. I take great pleasure in visiting each place in turn at various times of the year. This work represents elements of farmland and sky that have been apart of my visual experience since childhood.


The surface of the work has the paint scraped on or scratched back to reveal or obscure the layers below. Just as the land has been worked time and time over so has the painting. What remains is the open expanse of a landscape with recognisable markers removed and the painting slowly making its own way towards an abstract ending.