Abacus Wars

20 November - 12 December 2020

I am a data mine

Click bait or dick bait - past my used by date

Truth twists in the wind while all the madmen run the world

I am a Binge Watching - Lock Down - Basic Bitch

Why do Dermatologists hate her

Eggs, milk, bread, Dismantle and re-imagine the Police

This simple habit will make your life successful

Your clicks are your rubies and gold

I will live online and buy/die online

I am a data mine


The wild sociality of Meijers’s most recent exhibition is a complex celebration of this contemporary moment. The political theatre, or rather theatrical politics(?) explored in her previous solo exhibition Double Yoker, escalates in The Abacus Wars, as the riotous joys of flesh and blood in (sur)real space disassemble and reassemble in real time in the gallery. Meijers has long toyed with the threshold of the screen and the stage, her command of the uncanny subverting the audience’s gaze and prompting the self-conscious realisation that we too are performers in the gallery. The Abacus Wars is no exception, exploding its own inescapable present; global pandemic, fake news, nuclear fallout, the 2020 zoom-apocalypse death of mass gatherings, live theatre, and interstellar travel for artists and their audiences… the bead-clicking-background-countdown to climate catastrophe… but equally these works are buoyant and uncapturable, they document resilience, resistance and the solidarity of the bodies that refuse reduction to the body politic. Meijers’s exhibition at the Bett Gallery is a necessary and dangerous riot, a glitchy live stream in pop-pastel technicolour as we lose our footing on the precipice of the disembodying data chasm and find in each other a peachy-cream-humanity. Meijers’s works are humorous, hysterical and undeniably present.


A finalist in the Fishers Ghost art prize, the Hobart Art Prize, The Substation Prize, The Paul Guest drawing prize, Tidal, The Churchie Prize and The Glover prize, Meijers has exhibited widely in Australia in artist run initiative galleries, public institutions and commercial spaces. She has held residencies and exhibited in New York, Indonesia and in Paris and has been a recipient of numerous Australia Council and Arts Tasmania grants. She was awarded a Qantas Foundation Art Encouragement award and was commissioned by Gertrude Contemporary Gallery, Monash University Museum of Art and Detached Cultural Organisation to create new works for The Collector project, an ongoing collaboration with artist Tricky Walsh, based on the fictional Henri Papin. Meijers’s work is held in public and private collections nationally and internationally. She currently lives and works in Tasmania.