Sum of it’s Parts

3 - 24 July 2015

A collection of assemblage pieces and small sculpture Sum of Its Parts chronicles my latest discoveries about relationships between objects and shapes across a visual field.


Objects proliferate in the studio, they come with a history with a shadow in tow they evoke a memory an association a thought almost lost. Small things second hand broken abandoned sometimes easily identifiable sometimes recognizable only as a part of something that once was and other times they revel in a secret origin. Some things settle easily into a designated place, now part of a series - one thing quickly leading to another. Others resist being pinned down put into line instead insist on moving around countless times occupying likely spaces until a satisfactory placement is negotiated. Mundane as bits and pieces of something no longer valued, they flourish in their new existence.


A session in the studio,  the excitement of small discoveries.  Similarities and associations. Correspondences of colour, form, texture,  shape accumulate and multiply across the wall. This piece with that, seemingly an odd juxtaposition but often it works, it sings, sounds like poetry, visual poetry. A stanza in black and white another a repetitive rhythm of three-dimensional structures built from fragments like words on a page, made for each other. A vocabulary built from objects a language that attempts to create a special order from the chaos of material things.