Mindy Dore: Torii - Bett Gallery Award 2014

27 November - 23 December 2015

My work revolves around my search for the sacred in everyday life, and a desire to come closer to my core essential being, my inner home.


A profound peace experienced whilst travelling is the main catalyst for my work. In a fleeting shift of consciousness, I felt suddenly at home in a remote, unfamiliar place. I search for this continually in a life where peace and deep contentment seem elusive and fleeting.


torii evolved from my daily walking ritual: meditative and focussed, uniting the world around me to the interior world of the self. In this practice, the breath is the thread by which these worlds join, in constant motion yet eternal, defining a threshold space within.


Abstract motifs from gates around my home evolved as my own torii. Marking this threshold, they hover as apertures between the sacred realm of our true nature and the mundane world of our transient existence.


Veils of translucent luminous colour shift and change as does the ephemera of daily life,expanding out, cycling in. The further away we find ourselves, the stronger we seek our own torii, as portals for the journey back, for the return home.