Tasmanian Monograph series
Les Blakebrough monograph
$39.95 rrp
Sean Kelly
Raymond Arnold: The Spectacle of Nature
$39.95 rrp
Peter Timms
Philip Wolfhagen: Surface Tensions
$39.95 rrp
David Hansen
David Keeling: Looking Forward, Looking Back
$39.95 rrp
Anne Marsh
Pat Brassington: This is not a Photograph
$39.95 rrp
Grace Cochrane
Patrick Hall: Storing the Intangible

$39.95 rrp
Exhibition Catalogues
Richard Flanagan
Love Walks Naked
Richard Wastell exhibition
We are making a new world
$20.00 rrp
pura-lia meenamatta (Jim Everett) & Jonathan Kimberley
meenamatta lena narla peullakanny - Meenamatta Water Country Discussion

$25.00 rrp
Jonathan Holmes
Les Blakebrough : Ceramics
$49.95 rrp
Stewart MacFarlane
Small Observations: A survey of small oil paintings 1967-2005

$25.00 rrp
Other Publications
Deborah Hart, Editor
Imants Tillers, one world many visions

$49.00 rrp
David Stephenson
Visions of Heaven: The Dome in European Architecture

$120.00 rrp
Victor Stafford, Editor
A Tasmanian perspective – the art of Geoff Dyer

$89.95 rrp
Djon Mundine OAM
(Bandjalang people, NSW)
The Native Born: Objects and representation from Ramingining, Arnhem Land
$50.00 rrp

Roslynn D. Haynes
Tasmanian Visions: Landscapes in Writing, Art and Photography
Chris Bell
Tasmania: Primal Places

$75.00 rrp
Greeting Card Packs - each pack contains 4 blank greeting cards and 4 envelopes
Philip Wolfhagen
per pack - $20.00 rrp
set/10 packets - $100.00 rrp
Les Blakebrough
per pack - $20.00 rrp
set/10 packets - $100.00 rrp