Robert O'Connor

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Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor
Wormhole - Five Artists, Five Overseas Residencies
14 January to 6 February 2015
Raincheck Lounge 2012/2013 The Plague Never Dies or Disappears for Good
10 August to 1 September 2012
11 March to 5 April 2011
Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor
2011 Preview Exhibition & Honours Award Exhibition
14 January to 3 February 2011
Deus ex Machina
7 August to 3 September 2009
The Great White Hoax
Moorilla Scholarship Exhibition
6 to 18 May 2008
Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart
Additional works
May 2008
Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor  
18 March to 15 May 2007
Launching the bettgallery@raincheck exhibition wall
I care because you do
12 November to 9 December 2006
Redwall Gallery
RuinArt (new paintings)
23 June to 14 July 2006
Entrepot Gallery
Tasmanian School of Art
University of Tasmania

Robert O'Connor's paintings question ideas of authorship and originality in art with direct references to image reproduction.

O'Connor says: "Armed with the postmodern trends of appropriation, pastiche and ironic estrangement, the works question ideas of originality and authorship while remaining engaged with painting traditions.

"Much as a magpie collects shinny things or a catfish eats shit, I collect images.  Well, perhaps I don't collect them as much as they are thrown at me, along with opinions, everyday and mostly unsolicited. 

"What I do is organise images in a way that I think makes sense, which in reality results in a mess of borrowed imagery that makes no immediate sense whatsoever.  These collected images are arranged based on compositions of old masters, removing me from any true claim of authorship."

These works self-consciously ponder the future of painting by retrenching its past.

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